July 4, 2020

North Outfall Allotment Association is ran by a committee that, by vote of the allotment members, decide on the day to day running of the site.

The contact details for the committee are;

Chairman –¬†Gary Sibson ¬†– chairman@noaaharrogate.org.uk

Vice Chairman – Lee Depledge – vicechairman@noaaharrogate.org.uk

Treasurer – Ken Lowther – Treasurer@noaaharrogate.org.uk

Admin Secretary – Michelle Depledge – secretary@noaaharrogate.org.uk

Membership Secretary – Gary Sibson – membershipsecretary@noaaharrogate.org.uk

Web Admin – Scott Turner – webadmin@noaaharrogate.org.uk

Manure Manager – James Nicholls – manure@noaaharrogate.org.uk

Committee Member – Robin Adderley

Committee Member –